Lose 10 Pounds In One Week Fast | What I Eat In A Day Meal Prep | Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

Hey guys so I’m here with a highly requested video sharing with you guys what I eat in a day so before every meal I always drink my apple cider vinegar I do add a little bit of cayenne pepper and organic lemon juice I’ll have all the measurements below in the description bar.

I do like this I do like the results that I have been getting when drinking this I lost about 8 pounds with drinking this in just a couple of days loving the results and it definitely makes me full a lot quicker so moving on to breakfast I’m not really a breakfast person but I am forcing myself to eat breakfast so I’m just gonna make myself two eggs and then I am going to add some spinach to my eggs and now that I have become more educated on you know what I put in my body and you know what things they are putting in our food.

I have become more self conscious basically of what I am eating so I am making a habit of eating more healthier foods such as eggs I now purchase cage free eggs tastes pretty good I really can’t tell a difference as far as like taste wise but I know that it’s healthier for me better for my body I did add a small amount of fat-free cheese to my scrambled eggs now because I drank the apple cider vinegar before breakfast I was only able to eat half of these it today is Sunday so I don’t have any meal prep left so I have to get ready to do meal prep so I do have to go ahead and try to figure out something to eat for lunch but only thing I have right here is like really microwave dinners or steamed vegetables.

I’m just trying to figure out what I want to eat for lunch some of this other stuff that you guys see is stuff that Travis eats but he is now into eating more healthier so we cleaned out the freezer after this video I decided to cook some chicken thighs and I’m going to go ahead and cut the fat off of the chicken then I’m going to add some extra lights extra-virgin olive oil to the chicken adding some lemon pepper seasoning and I’m going to add some Weber kickin chicken seasoning this has on like onion seasoned salt garlic spices pepper pepper Rica in it is really good as a lot of flavor to the chicken and I’m gonna stir it up really really good then once I have my chicken seasoned very well I’m gonna go ahead and put the chicken in this pressure cooker I got my pressure cooker from my mother-in-law on Christmas and I love it it cooks like everything really quick it leaves my food juicy and just really delightful I’m gonna let this cook for about 30 minutes and I’ll come back to it so next I’m gonna go ahead and move on to my sides I am cooking these zucchini noodles this is my first time trying this so I’m kind of anxious to see how it’s going to taste I am going to stir-fry it I am using the extra-virgin olive oil and light and I found my zucchini noodles from Kroger.

I actually got them where they have like the onions and the carrots and the stir-fry items it so the chicken is ready so like I said the pressure cooker cooks your meat in half the time so I love it but you can find a pressure cooker like it at Croke not Kroger but like it Walmart or at Target but I love it so I’m gonna go ahead and meal prep and this is my meal prep before lunch now I’m gonna go ahead and meal prep for dinner.

I went on ahead and cut up some cabbage off camera I love cabbage the only thing I did what cabbage is I put a little bit of seasoned salt and extra virgin olive oil in it and I let it cook on top of the stove until it gets kind of soft now I am going to go ahead and make some shrimp for my dinner meal prep this is I don’t even know what size bag this is but I got this back from Kroger this is the medium size shrimp and I’m going to go ahead and add a little bit of the extra virgin olive oil to it with a little bit of lemon pepper and garlic seasoning and cayenne pepper and want to stir it up and then once I got it all mixed up and juicy.

I’m going to pour some extra virgin olive oil on top of the stove in a skillet and I am going to saute it you after I’m done cooking the shrimp I’m going to go ahead and cut up some mango to go on top of my salmon and I’m just going to cut the mango up into small squares I love mango on top of my salmon I’m going to finish off my dinner with my delicious honey teriyaki salmon I love this salmon is spicy and it’s sweet and I’m going to add some mango on top just to help with the spicy spiciness and then as you guys can see I added the shrimp and the zucchini noodles this is also going to be my dinner for meal prep so this is pretty much what I eat in a day thank you for watching guys